Letter To The Editor: Los Alamos County Proposals

Los Alamos
So, two recent proposals from the autocratic bureaucrats of Los Alamos County scream at me.
First, the County has established a “snitch” site, whereby neighbors can snitch on one another. Shades of the USSR! We used to make fun of the commissars of the USSR for encouraging such anti-social behavior, but evidently the Commissars of Los Alamos County have no problem with such horrible behavior. I think this website is shameful, makes the County a laughingstock, and should be taken down immediately.
Second, the Los Alamos County Commissars want to require residents to shovel snow from the county-owned sidewalks in front of their properties. Residents do not own such property, and as a result the county is free to destroy any landscaping established on or adjacent to a residents’ property, and the resident has no recourse.
This is precisely what the County did in front of my property this past winter: it killed off much of the landscaping adjacent to my property. But, I recognize that the landscaping was actually on County property, so I did not complain. The County wants things both ways. 
Additionally, County Commissars admit that there is actually little or no problem that they are trying to solve: they are simply in a quest for more power. I say “…….”, and I hope the County Council, despite its long history of subservience to County staff, finds enough backbone to say “no” to the County Commissars.