Letter To The Editor: Let’s Show We Are A Community Of Peace, Harmony And Acceptance

Los Alamos

I am a Republican. A conservative. A Christian. I am probably considered to be the least likely advocate and supporter of the LGBTQ community. But I also have two lesbian daughters who are married to two beautiful women.

Together we have marched for their rights, their voice, and their safety. In California we fought against Prop 8, a segregation of a certain peoples, enduring name calling, threats. One of my daughters got shot one evening while marching.

Is that the type of legacy we want to put forth here? No! A resounding No! Welcoming Pride to our community is a step toward inclusiveness and diversity.

What a great opportunity to showcase our unique little town, to allow people to know we are accepting, welcoming, and safe.

Not only to outsiders, but consider the people, especially the young people in Los Alamos who seek an “alternative lifestyle”, this is an area of outreach that has long been lacking. Let us strive to eliminate the perceived stigma they feel. Let’s eliminate the phrase “alternative lifestyle” altogether. We are all just regular folks, seeking love, friendship, camaraderie and pursuing that elusive happiness.

I would love to see our Central Avenue all decked out (for a parade), seeing people enjoying themselves. I mean, who doesn’t love a parade? Why, even the good Lord Himself has been seen enjoying a throng of like-minded people marching, singing, and dancing in the streets.

This, council chair, councilors and citizens is Community Development at its best. I urge you to please consider the people who need to know we are a community of peace, harmony and acceptance.