Letter To The Editor: Let’s Keep Momentum Going … Vote For LAPS Bond And UNM-LA Mill Levy

Los Alamos

I was so proud of our community when the 2009 LAPS bond passed. I was equally proud of our community in 2013 when the bond was passed again. Since then, the Middle School renovation projects were finished in October 2013 and Aspen Elementary reconstruction was completed in October 2014. In addition, several safety improvements were made at every school along with significant protective maintenance upgrades.

Forty-year-old Barranca Elementary is next on the list for major renovation. Plans are to replace 60 percent of all classrooms, remove all portable buildings and significantly increase energy efficiency. That’s not all. Chamisa and Pinon will get much-needed HVAC upgrades. Mountain will get a new roof and ADA restroom upgrades. The High School will get a new field house at Sullivan Field and new boilers in E wing, Smith Auditorium and Griffith Gym.
We must remain accountable to our responsibility of taking care of our local schools as directed in the State’s Constitution. Strong schools are vital to our community’s enduring strength and attraction and underpin all future investments in our community. The schools collectively provide a safe and secure environment nurturing our children’s learning and achievement. I strongly believe that our K-12 schools are Los Alamos’ most important asset.
Additionally, UNM-LA is asking for an increase of 1 mil to maintain their momentum of increased enrollment and service to our community while dealing with state funding cuts. We need to support UNM-LA as well.
We individually need to vote in favor to keep the current bond rate in effect.
Let’s keep up the momentum and outstanding progress replacing and renovating our aged elementary school facilities.
Please vote YES on the 2017 LAPS Bond and YES on the UNM-LA MIL.

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