Letter To The Editor: Let’s Hire The Best For District 43 … Christine Chandler, Competence And Experience

Los Alamos

We have a candidate for State House Representative District 43 who has three essential qualifications for governing:

  • Experience in politics;
  • Contacts; and,
  • Knowledge of the district and the needs of the entire population rather than just a constituency of a particular political party.

With experience comes credibility and competence. This competent candidate is Christine Chandler.

Not only has Christine served in elected office as County Councilor and Probate Judge, she has already worked four sessions as an analyst at the Legislature. With her experience, she can step into the Roundhouse halls and committee rooms knowing not only what bills are in the till, but who among her colleagues would co-sponsor bills we, her district, send her to the State to introduce. She knows it takes more than rhetoric and DC ideology to design and implement laws that benefit New Mexicans rather than some narrow national agenda.

A candidate for office cannot be one with a single ideology whose goal is to restrict choices for those who disagree with that ideology. Our candidate must be one who represents her constituency, as well as the citizens of New Mexico. That’s what “Representative” means.

From her long-term service to Los Alamos, we know that as our State House Representative she will support legislation to invest in environmental protection, safe communities, and access to medical care. She also will protect and enhance public education starting with very early childhood education. Public education. For everybody. Public education rather than private-for-profit where costs or religious requirements could marginalize a great portion of our population.  

By the way, Christine believes in representing the public good through good governance. I’d like to point out—just as you don’t hire an atheist for a priest—you don’t hire someone who doesn’t believe in government to govern. Christine is the best at what she does. Let’s hire the best for State House District 43.


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