Letter to the Editor: Leave Lawful Gun Owners and Sportsman Alone

Candidate for State Representative, Dist. 43

Criminals don’t play by the rules. New regulations on law abiding gun owners are not going to deter violent gun crimes. There are already numerous restrictions on the sale, use and possession of firearms and ammunition. I oppose new regulations, including background checks at gun shows.

Instead we need to focus on measures that will improve physical security at our public schools and we need to support tough, mandatory sentences for gun crimes. Law enforcement organizations have long recognized the positive role of civilian gun ownership in reducing crime in some of the most troubled neighborhoods throughout the county. The right to bear arms is fundamental to the American way of life and we should not infringe upon it.

I have a voting record when it comes to gun issues and so does my opponent, Geoff Rodgers. The Los Alamos County Council approved Ordinance No. 02-223 on Feb. 28, 2012, which placed new restrictions on muzzleloaders (a type of firearm), bow and arrows, crossbows and other hunting devices. The ordinance greatly curtails the use of these devices in the county.

I was the only councilor who voted against this ordinance. Geoff Rodgers voted for it. We need state legislators who don’t simply make campaign promises when it comes to gun rights, but actually keep their promises in the face of strong political pressure to “compromise.” I have a proven record of voting against new regulations on gun owners and sportsmen.


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