Letter To The Editor: Lauren Coupland Is The Strongest School Board Candidate

By the names listed below:

Lauren Coupland is the strongest candidate for School Board, District 3. She has the background, knowledge and understanding to be an effective and involved school board member, while adding a fresh perspective on a board where all other members are incumbents.

Lauren has hands-on classroom experience as a high school teacher working with non-traditional students who needed some out-of-the-box expertise to get to graduation. She has also been an active and involved LAPS parent since 2017. In addition, she has organized PTO events, volunteered in her children’s classrooms, and worked on district-wide committees.

On top of all that, she is the person many of us have reached out to at one time or another to get advice on navigating the Los Alamos special education system. As a former educator, Lauren understands the terminology used by schools and helps parents brainstorm effective ways to communicate. She is able to translate the official jargon in school documents into plain language, which will help stakeholders engage with the issues more easily.

If you’ve attended any school board meetings in the last few years, you’ve experienced the power of Lauren’s voice, as it seems like she’s spoken at nearly every meeting. Sometimes she’s thanking board members or administrators for their hard work, sometimes she’s pointing out important details that may have been overlooked, and sometimes she’s challenging the status quo and looking for straight answers to the hard questions. She is thorough, thoughtful, and passionate and we are confident that she will continue to ask those hard questions of herself and others as a board member.

Early voting has already started. Please join us in supporting her by casting your vote for Lauren Coupland for School Board.


  • Amanda Neukirch
  • Amanda Waldschmidt
  • Amelia and Adam Epperson
  • Anna & Jonathan Pietarila Graham
  • Ashley Sanders-Jackson
  • Barbara Kaldi
  • Barbara Royer
  • Bernadine and Terry Goldman
  • Bill Priedhorsky
  • Brandon Zerbe
  • Brittany St.Jacques Dowd
  • Caleb Fink
  • Carrie and Moss Shimek
  • Carrie Manore
  • Dave and Michelle Holtkamp
  • Erin Tatge
  • Ginny White
  • Janette Darlington
  • Jim Dowd
  • John and Nancy Bliss
  • Julie Wiens
  • Karen Holmes
  • Karen M. N. Brown
  • Kathryn and T. Wesley Hall
  • Katie Belobrajdic
  • Kelly & Michael Dolejsi
  • Kristy Mack
  • Kyle Hickmann
  • Lindsey Bargelt
  • Luke Hovey
  • Mandie Gehring
  • Mark and Joy Durham
  • Marley Beasley
  • Matt Pierce
  • Melissa Bartlett
  • Melissa Doran
  • Melissa Mackey
  • Mia Paley-Williams
  • Michael Rosenow
  • Mike and Lissie Ham
  • Morgan & Sarah White
  • Natalier Cooper
  • Petra Shipman
  • Phil and Jessica Hoffer
  • Rachel & John Pearson
  • Reid Priedhorsky
  • Secilli Keeler
  • Seth & Beth Brown
  • Teresa Ritter
  • Trinity Overmyer
  • Wendy K. Caldwell

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