Letter To The Editor: Lauren Coupland Is Exactly The Kind Of Person I Want On School Board

Los Alamos

How many School Board meetings do you attend? Once a year? Twice?  If you are like me, you probably reached an all time high in attendance when the Board was discussing the various Covid policy decisions. However, since that time my attendance has fallen off dramatically. Based on the number of people I see in the room and online when I have attended, few people in Los Alamos attend Board meetings with regularity.

Do you know who attends almost all of the School Board meetings in Los Alamos? Lauren Coupland. She has been in attendance every time I have. It is clear she is a fixture at these meetings. And she is not a wallflower either. She is asking the difficult questions and she is pointing out unintended consequences of the policies being discussed. In all, she is already more engaged with the School Board than anyone I know.  

When listening to Lauren’s comments and questions at Board meetings, I am always impressed with how much she has prepared in advance. She has read the materials provided, she has talked to other parents about how things are going, and she has a clear vision for the changes she wants. In all, she is the kind of parent you want attending the School Board meetings. She is informed and prepared.

I first met Lauren in a special education support group. My children had needs that were not being supported in the schools. It turns out many others felt the same way. Some of us, with the same concerns, decided to start meeting monthly to support each other. Most people who attended this group would come a few times, getting their questions answered and then never come again. Lauren defied this trend and was stalwart. She was regular. She was someone that could provide answers. She was someone you could depend on. I very much came to appreciate Lauren’s dedication through our monthly interactions. 

Now Lauren Coupland is running to be a member of the School Board itself. If elected, this will give Lauren more authority to pursue the questions and policies she has already demonstrated that she cares deeply about. I know at least one of the topics Lauren will focus on is special education, that will be a priority to her. Lauren is exactly the kind of person I want on the School Board.  

Citizens of District 3, if you want someone who comes to board meetings prepared, if you want someone that will think through consequences of board actions, if you want someone that isn’t afraid to oppose the consensus, if you want someone that cares about both students and teachers, please vote for Lauren Coupland.


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