Letter To The Editor: Lauren Coupland – A Voice For The Overlooked

Los Alamos

I believe Lauren Coupland will make an excellent addition to the Los Alamos School Board. She is concerned for the well-being of all students, with a particular emphasis on those students who otherwise get missed or overlooked by the traditional educational environment. While I know that LAPS makes a valiant effort to provide a safe educational venue for every student, I want there to also be a voice on the board who makes those students a priority. Lauren will be that voice.

Thanks to her, I am considerably more aware of the issues and challenges others are facing, which I would never have thought about previously. The systems that exist often work very well for me and my family, and that can make it easy for me to not recognize how they might disadvantage other parts of the population.

Because of her I am more mindful about what others might be dealing with, especially when their issues or symptoms are not visible. Students in need of IEPs or Section 504 assistance are among those who Lauren will make extra effort to serve when on the board. She has been present and involved in school matters over the past few years and her willingness to be uncomfortable and even vulnerable with the public demonstrates her passion and dedication to pursuing the best results for children. For anyone interested in expanding their perspective, Lauren is willing to share her experiences and serve as a guide to increased compassion and empathy.

Lauren Coupland is someone who will represent those who might feel invisible in a world that not only seems not made for them, but at times seems made to deliberately disadvantage them. I feel it is important to have a voice like hers involved in decisions the School Board will be considering in the future. The path toward 100% student success requires Lauren’s perspective on the board.

I thank her personally for helping me be a better person, and would be grateful for her service helping the Los Alamos Public Schools become a better home for students and families of Los Alamos.


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