Letter to the Editor: LAGRI Logic

Robert A. Pelak and Skip Dunn
Los Alamos Governmental Review Initiative

In a recent letter Fire Chief (Doug) MacDonald questions “LAGRI logic” and cites its opposition to the current charter amendments.

Let’s set the record straight: “LAGRI logic” (Los Alamos Governmental Review Initiative) is founded on its commitment to public participation in local government.

The original LAGRI petition sought to provide voters brand new opportunities to vote on capital projects.

The opportunities to vote on projects indirectly through bonds essentially disappeared when the county government became flooded with GRT revenue from LANL.

Now, LAGRI opposes the current charter amendments because they will greatly impair citizens’ ability to pursue initiatives, referenda, recalls and charter amendments.

These are opportunities to influence our local government that we can ill afford to lose.

Simple, straightforward and completely consistent.

We urge voters to protect their ability to petition THEIR government and vote NO on the four charter amendments.



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