Letter to the Editor: LACDC Should Hire Locally

Erik Swensen
ES Development Group

As you may already be aware, Mr. Kevin Holsapple of the Los Alamos Commerce Development Corporation (LACDC) is stepping down as the executive director.

His departure gives the LACDC board an opportunity to evaluate the needs of our community during these difficult economic times and gives Los Alamos the best opportunity to grow in a manner that reduces our dependence on LANL.

I am a 20-year resident of Los Alamos and recently started my own business after being caught in the aftermath of the CMRR project cancellation.

During my tenure, I’ve observed that both LANL and LA county projects often leave the hill, sending our tax dollars to other communities rather than incentivizing the use of local businesses and encouraging growth.

It has recently come to my attention that there are several local candidates who are qualified to step in as the executive director of the LACDC.

However, they are not going to be given the opportunity to interview for this position because certain members of the LACDC board have decided that an outsider will best suite our community.

I believe that this is absolutely the wrong approach. Selecting a candidate that has a vested interest in this community, understands the needs of the community, and having personal
connections with people being displaced through the LANL downsizing is a vital requirement for the person hired to be the executive director for the LACDC.

We need to have full community engagement to encourage the LACDC to hire locally to support local economic development.



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