Letter To The Editor: LA Mountain Cleanup Project Impact Factor

Los Alamos

Dear Jennifer and Forest Service,

As the youth member who developed the idea of holding the project to Clean Up the decades of paint-related litter on LA Mountain, I’d like to thank you all dearly for allowing my club, Rotary Interact, and me the permission to clean up the notorious LA Mountain in Los Alamos.
Through the diligent work from 10 of our youth members, we were able to scale the mountain this last Saturday on the hottest day of the year (not intentional…) and collect 90 articles of trash, which we took to the dump later that day! Fifty-six of these trash articles were paint related items. This was beneficial to all aspects of our community in gaining local support for our club, making our town more beautiful, and creating a much more ecologically friendly environment for the animals and plants, which inhabit the mountain.
With any hope, our club would certainly be willing to adopt this mountain given the opportunity. Of course, I would like to point out that even with having the insight of holding such a project and having the manpower to carry it out, we would not have been able to get any of it off of the ground without your support. We in Rotary Interact are all extremely grateful for what you have allowed us to do and hope you would be willing to let us carry out more projects of this nature in the future.