Letter to the Editor: LA and Hollywood

Los Alamos
I sympathize with folks being more than inconvenienced by movie making. Folks in LA (big version) are far more used to the annoyance than in LA (not so big version).
Movie making does generate an income stream of some amount to Los Alamos — in taxes, fees, rentals, re-imbursements, and other expenditures. Question is: is it worth the headache? The cameras roll in, the cameras roll, the cameras roll out. It’s the Hollywood drive-by shooting. 
But how much post-production is done here? Are local computer graphics artists hired to do some of the CG work? Are local composers hired to write the score? Are local musicians hired to record the score? How many local artisans, craftsmen, carpenters, electricians, etc., are hired to take care of set building? Are local explosives experts (we do have them) hired for the pyrotechnic displays when needed?
Hollywood drive-by shootings are only a small portion of making a movie — just take a look at the credits at the end of a flick sometime. If we want them to be beneficial to LA (small version) then we need to see about how to snag some of the other business.
Hollywood drive-by shootings are annoying everywhere — even in Hollywood. If we are going to host these events then perhaps we should take a look at the regs that LA (big version) imposes and either equal them or go them one better. Hosting Hollywood can be rewarding to the County and local residents — as long as the benefits out-pace the annoyance factor and the annoyance factor is kept as low as is reasonably possible.

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