Letter To The Editor: Keep Justice Judy

Former Representative, Dist. 43, 1971-1986
Los Alamos
I have known Judy Nakamura for over 30 years and have followed her career as a member of the judiciary.
I first met Judy as a member of the Young Republicans where Judy worked hard to encourage young talented people to run for public office. She was enthusiastic and tireless. She impressed me and we became fast friends. I remember she was encouraged to go to law school and she entered the UNM School of Law. After law school I did not hear much of her, but when she ran for office and won, I was proud of her.
Judy has a reputation of doing what is right no matter if she receives harsh criticism. She was honored by both state and national groups though the only one that I can recall is the one where she was honored for her work with teens who had alcohol problems. She was the Judge of the year for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization.
Judy was elected by her peers as Chief Justice both in the Metropolitan and the District Courts. She was the chief justice for most of her tenure on the Metro. court. During that time she was responsible for the court calendar where she put many long lingering cases to trial despite defense lawyer opposition. Judy has a lot of courage.
If I had to depend upon anyone where my life was concerned, I would want Justice Judith Nakamura to assure that I had the full measure of the law in her hands.
I hope everyone looks for Judith Nakamura on the ballot and votes for her.