Letter To The Editor: Kathleen Parker, Back At You

Los Alamos
Kathleene Parker (link) notes that I did not comment on the hot-button issue of immigration. That was the point of one of my other points–specifically, don’t create hot button issues.
Immigration is the obvious one. Both the left and right are staking out combative positions on immigration and playing to their respective bases while eschewing common ground.
The right has a valid point that illegal immigrants, whether DREAMers or otherwise, are here illegally. If the nation has immigration laws, they need to be either obeyed or changed and not changed through executive orders that dance on the boundaries of executive authority. But the right ignores that these are real people often fleeing serious problems abroad, not cardboard cutout caricatures sketched by the right for rhetorical purposes. Furthermore, those who arrived through no fault of their own as kids and who have grown up as solid residents, if not
citizens, should be treated with the respect their individual cases deserve and cut a break.
The left, meanwhile, would like us to open our bleeding hearts to illegals without consideration that these folks, after all, arrived illegally. Frankly, nations, like houses, have doors with doorbells (whether actual or metaphorical) and one normally does not enter without ringing and asking permission. We should not be ideologically blind to analyzing the deeper economic and social issues of continued immigration, or the problems created by people sneaking into the country, all the while continuing to bicker over how to fix the broken national doorbell.
We need an immigration system that does what we want it to do and that has bipartisan support from the more rational members of both political parties. As soon as that is signed into law, we need to put some sort of sunset clause on those who are eligible to be given a break. Aside from the two parties’ inability to agree on much of anything, its as simple as that.