Letter To The Editor: Justifying My Vote For Stephanie Garcia Richard For Our Dist. 43 Representative

Los Alamos
Above is a plot of how the New Mexico House of Representatives has changed over the past four elections. What it shows is the dramatic change from the “old-guard”, democratic-controlled, House to a fairly even seating as a result of the voter revolt of 2010. Indeed, only one democrat that is seated today was elected in 2010. With a fairly even house, I foresee a flip-flop between the two parties for control. In such a case, a district’s representation is best fostered by longevity (seniority).

We have two good candidates running for our 43rd District. One (Stephanie Garcia Richard) has been elected twice already, while the other (Sharon Stover) is running for the first time.

There are two main considerations in my voting for a candidate:

  • Has the seated representative failed to represent me; and
  • Has the seated representative not been seated sufficiently long that replacing him/her would not be much of a change in seniority factor.

While I am a registered Republican, I will vote for Garcia Richard, a Democrat, because:

  • Stephanie won election in 2012 after the 2010 revolt wherein only one Democrat seated today was elected.
  • To me, Stephanie has served us well, so I see no reason to remove her.
  • If elected again, Stephanie will have a 3rd term of seniority. This gain will give her higher seating on committees, which, if you check, equates to more consideration ($$) for projects for our district! [Incidently, Stephanie is a powerful voice on the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, the committee charged with crafting how the state spends its precious resources.] When the representation of the house flips back to the Democrats again, she will have even more say so.

So to me, unless there are compelling reasons to unseat her, I believe it is pertinent to RE-ELECT Stephanie. I plan to vote for her. I hope readers will consider the rationale for my doing so.