Letter To The Editor: Just Say No To Reorg

Los Alamos

The Los Alamos County Council should reject the proposed re-organization that adds the position of “Deputy Public Works Director.”

Despite the recently voiced concerns of the County Council, link, I think that the Los Alamos citizens communicate one message very clearly – stop wasting taxpayer’s money. You would have thought that they would have heard this message after the outrage over the tagline debacle.

The departure of the head of the Community and Economic Development Department (CEDD) provides an opportunity to reassess, and hopefully decrease, county staffing.

Naively I read of County Manager Harry Burgess’ proposed reorganization, link, hoping for some positive progress, only to find the reverse. Additional staffing – the position of “Deputy Public Works Director” – is proposed.

This should have come as no surprise. It is, de-facto, the primary task of management to defend or increase their budgets and head count.

To counteract this in governement, we expect our elected officials to be working in the interests of the citizens. Tonight the council have an opportunity to demonstrate that they listen and stop the bureaucratic growth.