Letter To The Editor: John Bartlit’s Latest Tales Of Our Times

Los Alamos

Thank you, John Bartlit, for your thoughtful opinions on the issues of secure voting systems and nuclear disarmament.

There are a couple of sentences, however, that make me chuckle at your “diplomacy”: “A priority of the VTP [Voting Technology Project] is “examining ways to make the process of voter registration more secure and more accessible.” As a crutch for its voter turnout, each big party talks up just one of a party system’s two touchstones—that is, needing to be (1) more secure and (2) more accessible.”

The Republican party would have us believe our systems are not secure, and they would, and have, gone to draconian lengths to avoid making voting more accessible. I have not heard of any Democrats doubting the assurance of the Federal election infrastructure officials, including Trump’s appointed Homeland Security Officials, that the 2020 election was the most secure in American history.”

From the Pew Research Center, April 21:

“…since 2018 there has been a decline in the share of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who support automatically registering all eligible citizens to vote (38% today vs. 49% in 2018).

In addition, the share of Republicans who say any voter should be allowed to vote early or absentee without a documented reason has fallen 19 percentage points (from 57% to 38%). Democrats and Democratic leaners are far more supportive of automatically registering all eligible citizens to vote (82%) and no-excuse early voting (84%); their views are virtually unchanged in recent years.

I’m not trying to be divisive, but I’d like to see us not avoid being divisive when it means holding back telling it like it is.


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