Letter To The Editor: James Robinson Will Serve Us Well As County Councilor

Los Alamos County Councilor
I support James Robinson for Los Alamos County Councilor.
James will be a good representative for the growing younger generation in this town. Having grown up and lived most of his life here, he has an appreciation of many things that both young and old people like about living in Los Alamos, such as the beautiful environment and opportunities for education and recreation.
He is aware of the challenges we face to renew our aging infrastructure and create housing options that meet the needs of single people, families and retired. His construction estimating experience at LANL will be helpful to the Council in getting the most bang for the buck in future County projects.
James has demonstrated his commitment by volunteering for community efforts. I have been impressed with his energy and enthusiasm as a member and now chair of the Environmental Sustainability Board, where he has learned much about County government and graciously received ideas from informed and concerned citizens. I believe James will work hard as a Councilor to listen and build consensus on the best paths forward for our community.
James Robinson will serve us well as a Los Alamos County Councilor.

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