Letter to the Editor: It’s Time for Luján to Take Action

Los Alamos
In response to: “Luján: It’s Time House Republicans End Political Games, Allow Vote to End Shutdown” (Oct. 5 ladailypost.com)
I’m excited that not only is U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján in favor of re-opening the US government but has been presented with an opportunity to advance a solution. This also allows him to ensure that government workers, including those he mentions at LANL and Sandia are not “adversly affected by the continuing budget impasse.”

I would urge the Congressman to promptly support the introduced “discharge petition” that will allow Congress to vote on a clean continuing resolution.

Congressman Luján, New Mexicans are watching. Are you willing to sign the petition and back up your words with action, help New Mexicans, and show true leadership, or are you hypocritally playing politics and word games to the detriment of all?


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