Letter To The Editor: It’s Now Or Never Los Alamos!

Los Alamos
It’s now or never, how long can we afford to wait!
I have enjoyed all the amenities of living in Los Alamos for 27 years. I have volunteered for almost every committee or board that works to make our little town even better. I was on the first CIP public committee, the Municipal site committee, the Civic Center citizens committee, the Parks and Recreation Board, the Historical Society Board and now am serving on the Aquatic Center Advisory Subcommittee.
Not that I don’t appreciate what we have but I want it to continue, I want Los Alamos to continue. I am a retired citizen now and can still enjoy the hiking, skiing, clean air, wonderful people but there needs to be more to draw the younger people to work and live here and raise their families. I still vote for school bonds even though I have no children in the schools any longer, I will vote YES for this recreation bond even though I may only use one of the five projects that the bond will make possible, the multi-generational pool.
For those of you that don’t want your property taxes to go up, do you realize we have some of the lowest in the country and look at all we get for our low taxes: two libraries, two senior centers, an Olympic size pool, FREE bus service, good roads, utilities.
For a town this size, we get a lot for our low taxes. So stop being tight wads, you can’t take it with you and I know many of you retirees are getting pensions from the Lab and can afford to pay more taxes.
Think of others besides yourselves. This is good for the community, it’s a worthwhile investment in the future.