Letter To The Editor: It’s About Respect Mr. Moseley…

Los Alamos

The subject of the flow trail divides my family. I believe it’s just another sign of an elitist, out of touch county government inflicting its will on the citizens of the town once again. My son feels differently. He is a cyclist who spends lots of time with those who want the trail built.

The idea of a flow trail in Bayo Canyon divides us. It divides us like the discussion over the Rec Bond did. It divides us like the decision of the County Council to send inspectors out to measure our weeds last year did. It divides us like the decision of the County to invest a large sum of money in infrastructure to lure a drive thru Starbucks to town does.

Tempers flare — especially when the Council disregards the results of elections. No one wins. I find the idea of fast mountain bikes rather horrifying because there just isn’t enough space. I really have no use for horses there either and the mess they leave behind. The zealots on either side of the issue try my patience.

It would be best if we could all just get along. When my son complains he missed his KOM on Strava because of some senior citizen out on the trail with a dog or a wobbly little kid on a bike he gets the standard reply. I remind him a lot of people have limited mobility. Older people might not be able to see and hear like a 19 year old. I tediously stress the statistic that one in three broken hips in older people prove fatal because of complications. I remind him that if he startles a little trail user and they fall over while their mother is close by he might wish he had met a big bear instead. I remind him to be mindful of others.

Some of us voted against the Rec Bond because we love our local pools and ice rink, not because we are hateful, brainwashed cheapskates. We like to hike through Bayo Canyon sometimes just to enjoy the peace of a quiet fall day and stare at the squirrels.

The division created in the county in the past few years by the actions of our Council is sad. Civility and democracy matter. Division, hatred, and violence lead nowhere. Someone in town has been booby trapping some of the descents on popular mountain biking trails with stones and logs. If someone suffers severe injury because of this I hope they are proud of their actions.

Democracy is never a given. When political candidates knock on your door ask them the questions which matter most to you. Take the time to vote — our lovely little town’s future depends on it.