Letter To The Editor: It Starts With Me!

2017 Campaign Chair
UWNNM Board of Directors

Fellow Los Alamos Community Members,

IT STARTS WITH ME! Such a true statement in all that we set out to do, and because of that I am extremely honored to serve our community through the United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM), as one of our 2017 campaign chairs. I have stepped up to the plate in this capacity because I whole heartedly believe in the critical services our United Way of Northern New Mexico helps to make possible in our community.

In addition to my individual support, and the cornerstone partnership my company shares with UWNNM, I also volunteer my time as a member of the United Way of Northern New Mexico Board of Directors.

I recently concluded, along with several others, serving on the UWNNM grant proposal committee. I had no idea how many people work on so many worthy nonprofit organizations in Los Alamos and Rio Arriba counties. There are literally hundreds of people in our community and region that do so much to improve the quality of life for thousands of people. It was a real eye opener to see all the effort being afforded. These folks give of themselves until there is hardly anything left to give. Most of them are volunteers and, those who are paid are not getting paid much and they don’t want to be paid much, just enough to keep their livelihood so they can spend 100 percent of their day making others’ days more tolerable.

It is fascinating and heart-warming to meet these people and have opportunity to talk with them. What they have to say is incredible and what they do speaks volumes. The UWNNM board is currently wrapping up sight visits with the 29 nonprofits we have partnered with this year. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend some of these site visits and was awed at what is being done. In 2016 our nonprofit partners positively affected the lives of over 12,500 or our neighbors … that’s impressive!

Children and adults of all ages are being touched in wonderful ways to improve their quality of life. On the flip side, annually our fund raises approximately half of what is requested by nonprofits serving our friends and neighbors, MORE CAN BE DONE!

This year I am once again pledging to mirror the example of kindness and giving that I have witnessed, firsthand, by all the wonderful people we have partnered with through the UWNNM campaign. It does start with me, but it spreads throughout our community region and beyond! I ask you to join me and other caring and visionary individuals this year, by investing in our Community Action Fund. Any amount invested will increase access to resources for those in need.

Investments can be made by going to unitedwaynnm.org or calling 505.662.0800.

I look forward to you becoming a part of this amazing partnership and, we’ll certainly see one another along the way as we continue to make days brighter for those in need.


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