Letter To The Editor: Isn’t It Great We Have Options?

By Another Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos

Dear Concerned Citizen:

Thank you for speaking up and showing your support for Darryl Sugar (link). Isn’t it wonderful that we have options?

You are right; he is very courageous to run for School Board. I do not doubt his compassion.

You are also right; Mr. Boerigter has not publicly spoken out against Betsy DeVos, however, has Mr. Sugar? If so, I must have missed it.

I do not feel that Mr. Boerigter being a Republican makes him have a ‘rap sheet’. I know many good people who voted Republican. I also know many good people who voted Democrat. I even know good people that voted for one of the third party candidates.

Again, you are right, the District could always do more for Mental Health. You will be pleased to know that in the last year or so, the District has hired a ‘Healthy Schools Program Director’ to work with the Counselors. The District also hired a person that helps the Elementary Counselors take care of paperwork so that they can spend more time where they are needed the most, with the kids. But you are right; there is always more to be done on this important issue.

Let me be clear, I believe in second chances, however after having a medical license revoked/suspended on multiple occasions, you lose credibility. Arson is no small crime either. As ‘Very Concerned Citizen’ stated, Mr. Sugar’s stories are inconsistent.

In order to work at a school, a prospective employee must pass a background check. In my opinion, Mr. Sugar could not pass this background check. 

And wow, you really did your research! Mr. Boerigter is not a school –teacher, his wife is! As the first ‘Concerned Citizen’ stated, she recently won a prestigious award. That would make me think that Mr. Boerigter is fighting for her, and every other teacher.

You mentioned that Mr. Boerigter has been in status quo mode. Really?

A simple Google search on him reveals a plethora of information about his community involvement for many years. On the other hand, I was scared when I saw the things that came up for Mr. Sugar using the same search.

To close, I’ll say what I said at the beginning, isn’t it wonderful that we have options?

Please do your own research. Personally, I will be voting for Mr. Boerigter.