Letter to the Editor: Is the Next Big Idea to Tackle Ignorance, Revisited

Los Alamos

After reading Judith Stauber and Daniel Cooper’s letter in the Los Alamos Daily Post, I kept expecting an explanation from the organizers of the Next Big Idea to what looks to this reader like a display of either insensitivity or stubbornness.

I do find it amazing that an event predicated on great ideas would have the “great idea” to schedule the event on Yom Kippur. Like the two authors of the original letter, I doubt that the organizers would schedule such an event on Easter, Good Friday, or Christmas Day.

Given that one can not separate the development of Los Alamos into an international science center from the strong influence of a legion of Jewish scientists such as J. Robert Oppenheimer, one would think that some sensitivity to the holy days of the Jewish calendar would be exhibited by this community. Why not?



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