Letter To The Editor: Irresponsible Dog Owners

Los Alamos

The most recent attack of Remy the Lion Dog by a “pack” of vicious pet dogs has prompted me to write this letter. 

I am appalled at the lack of responsibility some dog owners in this community take for the actions of their dogs. I feel so badly for poor little Remy.

We moved up here to White Rock 4.5 years ago from Albuquerque after commuting to the Lab for 13 years. We had four dogs (three Huskys and a Lab-mix) both rescued and raised from pups. They had frequent interactions with other dogs on hikes and in dog parks in Albuquerque.

Since moving up here, two of my older dogs have been attacked by other dogs—suffering puncture wounds and requiring sutures and antibiotics. I am so appalled at the lack of responsibility of the dog owners in these situations.

In my opinion the offending dogs should be put down. One incident occurred in the White Rock dog park in 2012, where a group of dogs going there regularly in the afternoons, exhibited pack-like behavior and attacked my Lab-mix Tucker. He was bitten by one in particular, requiring numerous stitches and medication. We ended up with a $250 vet bill. He was 11 at the time. The owner didn’t even acknowledge the incident.

Another attack occurred this past Sunday, in Rover Park, when my gentle 13-year-old Malamute-Husky Sparky ran up to greet another female mixed-breed dog, off leash and was rewarded with an attack to the mouth, causing puncture wounds and requiring medication. The owner “apologized” saying the female had “bad hips”. Why then wasn’t she on a leash and why weren’t we warned?

After this latest violent attack on Remy, it seems that there is no solution to protect your pet since dog owners not only refuse to control their pets, but refuse to take responsibility when the attack occurs. Perhaps the county could step in somehow, but it’s difficult to report these incidents, when one doesn’t have any information about the owner or the pet. 

They also happen so fast, and there usually aren’t any witnesses. Coyotes, skunks and raccoons are bad enough (believe me my dogs have had encounters with all of these)–now we have to worry about dogs that people raise at home with their other pets and children! 

There are so many nice, well-behaved dogs and owners. I believe that these mean dogs are just in the minority, but how do you tell? Unfortunately my last living dog will not be able to socialize with many other dogs, since owners of dogs who bite do not feel inclined to restrain, control, or even admit that their dogs are a danger to others. 

But you know who you are, and you need to keep your dog away from other animals!


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