Letter To The Editor: Insistence That Only Bias Motivates Media Does Not Assist In Search For ‘True Facts’

Los Alamos

While I certainly agree Mr. Nebel (link) that the media take their own slant, in general, for their own purposes (sales), on issues they report, I find it curious that in his review of newspaper history he does not mention the New York Times, which was formed with the stated goal of being as accurate and complete as possible, in response to the so called yellow journalism of the time, to which he does refer.
Of course, one is free to disagree on how well this has been done, both initially and over time, but the insistence that only bias motivates the various media does not assist in the search for ‘true facts’ (as one must now call them). I have seen direct evidence that the staff of the Los Alamos Daily Post, for instance, make great efforts to reflect Los Alamos, and the issues of concern here, clearly, accurately and without bias.