Letter To The Editor: Inconsiderate Road Closure

Los Alamos
While I support the County Fair and its parade, I have to object to the inconsiderate and unacceptable closure last Saturday of Central west of the Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center. This prevented access to Canyon from Diamond.
Indeed, with Central closed all the way to the east past where it meets Trinity, access to any part of Canyon required required traveling to its far east end.
This was irritating and time consuming enough for me coming from the Western Area. Anyone coming from the Mesas must have been thoroughly disgusted.
Parades used to end at the Mesa Library parking lot, allowing access to Canyon and even Rose. As it was, of the three roads normally available for passage through the central part of town, only one was really available.
The Council should make it clear to County staff and all event promoters that this is not acceptable.