Letter To The Editor: Inaugurations And Power … Let Us All Take This Day To Be Thankful For Our Nation And Government

Chairman, Republican Party of Los Alamos

Today, Jan. 20, we all got to witness the transition of power without an apparent heir, a war, murder or violence.

Emotions have run very high since the start of this presidential contest, and they will continue to be high, but that is the nature of our republic.

What we witnessed today was one leader with IMMENSE power graciously hand over that power to a citizen who spent over a year challenging his authority and platform. Also in that crowd we saw former leaders and their successors, past and future political adversaries, and many citizens looking on.

The class and grace showed by everyone involved made me proud to be an American. With that much power concentrated in such a central role, it would be easy for the wrong person to try to hold on to that power. However, everyone there showed their respect for the Constitution of our nation, and the people it is meant to protect.

I am hopeful the next four years will be good for our country. I know there are many who don’t share my optimism. That is completely understandable, and I welcome healthy debates on the issues that face us.

I encourage those who have either become empowered or disenfranchised to take the energy beyond social media and take to your community. In one of his finest moments, former President Obama said it perfectly, “Change happens when ordinary people get involved.”

Most of you know, I love to be involved, and I would love to help anyone to find their way into the process. I DO NOT CARE, which side you are on, and I will treat your opinions with the respect they deserve. I only expect the same.

Let us all take this day to be thankful for our nation and the government that was built around the idea that the power belongs to the people. Our nation has faced some dark moments in its history, and many times we could have degraded into a monarchy or dictatorship, and yet “the government of the people, for the people” has not perished from this earth.

So in closing, to a way too long Facebook post, I want to say thank you to President Obama. Your dedication to your nation was clearly shown in the wrinkles in your skin, the bags under your eyes, and the greying of your hair. I have never had a doubt that you gave the nation everything you had over the last eight years, and I thank you!

To President Trump, congratulations on your victory. You took normal political tradition and turned it on its head. In your path to the White House, you created a movement that will undoubtedly be studied for years to come. I only hope that you remember the words of Lincoln, and that you now, “belong to the people”. This means that you now represent EVERY American, and it’s your job to make sure all of us remain safe. I wish you good luck and my prayers over the next few years.

My favorite quote from the movie Lincoln, “I could write shorter sermons, when I get started I’m to lazy to stop.”

Thank you all for taking the time to read this letter!


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