Letter to the Editor: In the United States, the People Are the Government

Los Alamos

Mr. Vincent Chiravalle recently wrote a letter to your paper suggesting that, “When government gets out of the way, we can compete and win in any industry” and “To get our economy moving and creating jobs, government simply must get out of the way of the job creators.”

Sadly, Mr. Chiravalle is forgetting that in the United States, the people are the government. Our laws and regulations have been passed through due process, supported by democratic votes, and are often in place to protect us from the abuses of industry.

It seems that Mr. Chiravalle suggesting that if we vote for him, he will allow a few privileged business owners to pollute our water, not pay employees their due wages, ignore safety regulations, and not pay taxes on their profits.

While there is much that can be done to improve the lives of New Mexicans, I believe it can be better accomplished through proper investment and management of our human, natural, capital, and infrastructural resources. Simply asking the people to step aside and allow a few businessmen to profit by exploiting of our state, its residents, and its resources is not an acceptable solution.

Thank you.


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