Letter To The Editor: In Support Of Community Composting

Los Alamos

I’m writing in support of the letters to the editor from Jodi Benson and Katie Leonard May 17 in support of a community composting program.

The Environmental Sustainability Board in Los Alamos’ comprehensive feasibility study to the Los Alamos Council May 17 recommends: (1) Residents to have access to food waste collection at drop-off site(s), and (2) businesses to have curbside food waste pick up, much like trash, recycling, and yard waste.

As a Los Alamos resident living in an apartment, I would greatly value such a food composting program. At present, I freeze my food waste and drop it to Reunity on my way to Santa Fe. So, I speak for all residents in Los Alamos who live in apartments, don’t have yard trimming bins or ability to undertake backyard composting, that a food composting program will be greatly appreciated.

Reunity is such a marvelous model of a closed loop for food: Their vegetable garden is enriched by compost from collected community food waste, and its produce is donated back to the needy in the community. Here in Los Alamos, we can achieve that, too!


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