Letter To The Editor: In Response To Lynn Hanrahan

Los Alamos 

In response to Lynn Hanrahan’s letter, characterizing Jason Halladay, Reid Priedhorsky and Steven Reneau as “whiney middle-aged white guys,” I guess that makes me one, too. 

I’d also guess my whining is at a lower pitch than a certain someone’s sanctimonious spouting, though.

Certainly the townsite’s inner canyons are a hazard. I know the county has done some thinning and cleanup, but that’s just been the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, very close to my house is a thick stand of dead-standing scrub oak right next to the street at the upper end of such a canyon, unsightly as well as an obvious and visible fire hazard.

But the outer perimeter of the Los Alamos townsite? All of White Rock? I don’t believe it.

I understand that “a nuanced approach” involving daily wind speeds, humidity, temperature, etc., would be difficult to implement for the powers that be, but a simple, static geographic characterization as suggested above would be trivial to implement, and in my not so humble opinion, more appropriate than the current total ban.
That’s my two cents’, er, whining.

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