Letter to the Editor: In Defense of Cesspools

Los Alamos

I wish to express my outrage with paleontologist Ralph Chapman for his assault on the integrity of cesspools. 

By insinuating that cesspools have any connection with the 43rd District Slandertisements we have been receiving in Los Alamos, readers of his letter might come to the conclusion that cesspools promote dishonesty and are intrinsically evil. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Cesspools perform a useful function in that they provide a place, albeit primitive, to dispose of human waste. By associating them with politics, they have unfortunately become synonymous with moral corruption and decadence. That is highly unfortunate.

While it may take some imagination to describe the place from which these glossy lie sheets originate, we should not denigrate cesspools in the process.

I do, however, agree with Mr. Chapman that Los Alamos is lucky to have two fine people from which to choose to be our next 43rd District representative. As we decide on our vote, may we all stay upwind of the fan that blows across the secret location from which these inaccurate caricatures of the candidates originate.

Thank You,

A Roma Fragrante, President
American Cesspool Association