Letter To The Editor: Importance Of House Bill 145 Concerning Adjunct Instructors

Los Alamos
Earlier this year when the New Mexico Legislature was in session, the Adjunct Secondary Instructors Bill (HB 145) passed in the House with a vote of 37-25. It was, however, defeated in the Senate.
Had the bill passed, it would have allowed the Public Education Department (PED) to issue an adjunct secondary instructor license to an applicant who has earned at least a bachelor’s degree and has a minimum of three years experience in the subject matter expertise area to teach that subject in the public schools. The bill permitted local school boards to contract with these adjunct instructors. As the proposed bill allowed such instructors to be contracted as part-time teachers for one school year only, they would supplement rather than replace full-time teachers in the classroom.
As a passionate advocate for our school children, Sharon Stover, Republican candidate for State Representative District 43, supports such an innovative measure, which would improve the quality of education across the state. She acknowledges that her hometown of Los Alamos is a gold mine of professional chemists, biologists, physicists, engineers, and mathematicians, as well as award-winning authors and artists, who could enhance the educational experience of our children, as well as those youngsters attending smaller school districts in more rural areas of the state.
A clear body of research shows that teachers with more content knowledge increase student achievement. Introducing adjunct instructors into the classrooms of Northern New Mexico would have a positive influence on student achievement for those in 7th -12th grades.
Our current state representative Stephanie Garcia Richard voted against HB 145—not once but twice in 2016. She also voted twice for the unions and against our schools and children on a similar bill, HB 181, in 2015.
A vote for Sharon Stover in November would ensure that we have a committed advocate for our children (rather than the teachers’ unions) and a supporter of innovative education for the 21st century.
As a mother with a student in public schools this is important to me and I hope to others.