Letter To The Editor: Immigration Is A Serious Matter

LAHS U.S. History teacher, 1987-2006
2005 New Mexico Teacher of the Year

In response to the April 26 “Home of the Brave” letter, I’ll be brief.

The message, jumbled as it was, was nativist and ugly. The writer failed to address the issue raised by Mr. Goldman (link); immigration is a serious matter, one that demands rational conversation, not invective. No one who wants to have his argument heard tells an American to go back to anywhere.
And as a history teacher, I am certainly relieved that the writer did not learn his history in my class (and grateful that Mr. Goldman’s children did). There were more factual errors than I can list. Just for starters, Britain is not spelled Briton, and the Canadians were not colonists through the waning years of the 20th century.