Letter To The Editor: Immigrant Is Not A Bad Word

By That Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos
Dear Mr. Savage,
I am glad to see that you acknowledge the constitution and call human beings born in the US “citizens” (link).
In the present political climate in this country (including the present administration and immigration enforcement), there are areas where it is viewed differently. Way too often the news reports White Straight Americans (predominantly among those who voted for Mr. Trump) equate people who do not look “acceptable” to them to terrorists or illegal immigrants and are aggressive against them. The present administration and the associated Republican Party is totally silent about this.
I agree with most prior comments on this topic that illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be tackled. But any finger pointing and threatening posture against these illegal immigrants or the “other” party is uncalled for. The problem was created over decades, where both parties were in charge long enough and looked the other way as they knew the advantages that this had for the US economy.
The Democrats started stricter enforcement of immigration rules and with programs like the DREAM Act tried to maintain some humane approach to this. The new administration without any good argument changed the enforcement into an inhumane witch hunt to feed the populist, simplistic appeal to their voters.
This is a problem that Democrats and Republican politicians should resolve together and they should do it the American way – respectful and humane.
As for some comments refusing the label as immigrants. For all intents and purposes few of us would be here, if America would not be a country of immigrants. Don’t make this a bad word – Immigration is proof that America is the land of opportunity.
Don’t soil this word to walk with a hateful and disrespectful government and an opportunistic Republican Party.