Letter To The Editor: I Have Never Been So Disappointed In Los Alamos

Los Alamos

I have never been so disappointed in Los Alamos as I am now. Dog Sees God is not a play about promoting bullying. This play brings insight into what high schoolers and even adults have to deal with when it comes to bullying.

It is a sad story of a boy who is coming to terms with who he is and how brutal high school can be.

As a cast member I am frustrated with mental health professionals in this town who are acting like we are “giving teenagers ideas”. The hard truth is that this type of bullying, drug use, rebellion, eating disorders, etc. IS prevalent at Los Alamos High School without “any suggestions”.

People in this town do not want to admit that life here is NOT prefect. Instead of boycotting something that is not only a great play but also a teaching moment, why don’t we try to face the hard things in life. These problems and challenges that are faced by the youth and adults of this town will not be solved if we “boycott”, they need to be acknowledged and then talked about to try and solve the issue.

In a day where the highest office of the country is going to be held by a man who got elected by being a bully don’t you think that we should face these hard issues instead of accusing the local theatre and the hardworking cast and crew of Dog Sees God or “giving teens ideas”?