Letter To The Editor: I Endorse Ellen Ben-Naim For Multiple Strengths She’ll Bring To School Board

LAPS Board Member
As a LAPS School Board member, I endorse Ellen Ben-Naim for School Board in the Pinon District.
My support is based on strengths Ellen brings in the following areas:
  • New ideas, thoughts and questions about youth and education based on her experience as an educator;
  • First hand understanding of emotional and social needs and struggles of our youth;
  • Support for our teachers who work in a constrained and demoralizing environment;
  • Leadership to team with other Board members; and
  • Move forward together with new members to the School Board to bring fresh thoughts and approaches to problems.
Public education faces an uncertain future. Ellen is willing to work hard, explore new solutions, and has the will to lead in positive ways to solve problems. These characteristics are vital to the vibrancy and success of the School Board. Ellen cares about all students. As a team member on the Mental Health Design Team, Ellen brought insight and experience of student struggles to develop the student wellness recommendations adopted by the Board in December 2015. In fact, Ellen contributed the idea to seek out the CDC to perform an epidemiological study of youth suicidality in Los Alamos.
As coordinator of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, Ellen worked with all our school site administrators and counselors establishing partnerships in service to students. An example is bringing Youth Mental Health First Aid Training to all LAPS staff.
In addition to having children in our schools for the past 16 years, Ellen served on LAPS Budget Committee, District Parent Council, Pinon Advisory Team, GATE Advisory Committee and LAHS Homework Committee.
Ellen will explore new ways to support teachers and search for positive actions that can raise morale. Healthy schools, which focus on all students are vital to our community. Ellen will be a positive force on the School Board.
I urge you to vote for Ellen Ben-Naim as the Pinon District member on the School Board.