Letter To The Editor: I Endorse Councilor Pete Sheehey

Los Alamos
This letter is in regards to the announcement of my support for Councilor Pete Sheehey in his re-election efforts.
As your elected Sheriff and having worked on your behalf for the past five and a half years, I have had the opportunity to meet and know past and present council members. During this time, most of you have seen, read and some of you have heard the lack of support for the Los Alamos County Sheriff’s Office by certain council members. The Sheriff’s Office provides services to the community Los Alamos County with little or no resources.
Since my election, I have done all I could to provide our community with professional services as your Sheriff. The majority of the council has never provided nor approved additional resources to help with this elected office. However, I want to commend Councilor Pete Sheehey in his work to show his respect and support for an elected office that provides services to you.
Councilor Sheehey is a committed servant to the community and is not influenced by personal agendas or bias.Councilor Sheehey is running for re-election, and I would encourage all of you who voted for me to please vote for him.
As your Sheriff, I hereby endorse Councilor Sheehey in his re-election.