Letter To The Editor: I Actually Like The Roundabout

Los Alamos

I thank Joel Williams for his pictures of the two proposed intersections at Trinity and Central.

I am not generally a fan of arbitrary roundabouts, but the proposed one looks effective to me. With the islands in the roundabout and as a pedestrian, I can cross all roads and only have to consider approaching traffic one direction at a time.

During heavy traffic periods, bicyclists might desire to dismount and cross the roads as pedestrians, but this is likely to be true with either design. Drag racers might prefer the original design where Trinity has minimum curvature, but the roundabout will force speed reduction to the posted limit with minimal effect on the flow of traffic.

Discouraging very large trucks from using Main Hill Road will be a positive. The Truck Route is built for them. In analyzing traffic flow in the roundabout for all traffic periods of the day, even I can see myself as being able to safely navigate it, even at my advance age.

I vote for the Trinity/Central roundabout, but don’t make me dizzy by adding additional ones.