Letter To The Editor: Hummingbird Dearth An Enigma

Los ALamos

Mr. Marinuzzi, thank you so much for letting me know I am not losing my mind.

When I wrote my first letter about not having any hummers this year, all the replies were from folks having more than ever. I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong. My experience has been much the same as yours. First ones arrive in April or May and then the hordes arrive in early July. 

Every summer I would be filling three 32 oz. feeders twice a day from July till end of September. I have had one feeder, which I filled only halfway, out since July 12 now and once in a while I see two hummers. The nectar has barely gone down. 

In summers past everyone who came to my house for the first time has been amazed at seeing at least a dozen or more birds fighting for a spot to perch at each of the three feeders. You could hear the “humming” inside the house with the windows closed. They would start drinking while I was trying to attach the feeder to the pulley after refilling.

I have pictures of them perched on my granddaughters finger and drinking. I am on the canyon just above the ice rink and I have trees they love to perch in and nothing
has changed that I know of. It is truly an enigma. Surely would like to now what has happened.

I am thinking of taking down even the one feeder.

At least they are saving me the time and 90 plus pounds of sugar I normally use.