Letter To The Editor: How To Develop ‘Developed’ Land?

White Rock
When I heard there was going to be a new housing project in White Rock, I was pretty excited about it.
Perhaps some affordable housing might bring more people to town and more local businesses for WR, too! It’s on a strip of Hwy 4, which I drive by every single day: on my way to the local grocery and hardware store, library and post office, senior center, or when I need to visit Los Alamos or Santa Fe.
However, I have noticed a few things during the development of Mirador and I’m not happy about it anymore.
First came the big bulldozers, which wiped out nearly every single native tree, shrub and blade of grass on about 60 acres. This was done quickly and efficiently before too many people noticed. Then all activity ceased for awhile when BBB was reached (Big Bad Basalt). Next came another treat: explosions blasting through the rock, day after day after day. Large earth movers came and completely changed the look and topography of the land.
Then, I got the facts. This housing project is not going to be affordable at all! A serious bummer, in my opinion. I started to get really mad whenever I drove on Longview Drive and viewed empty, dilapidated and blighted buildings and thought to myself “there is something seriously wrong with this picture”. Why are we developing undeveloped land instead of improving already developed land? (No pun intended here….it’s not funny at all.)
Finally, I noticed the wall going up along Hwy 4 and the “Aha!” moment came to me: we’re going to have our own little Rio Rancho, right here in White Rock!
Perhaps even another bridge across the Rio Grande, with more bulldozing and strip malls along a new and improved express highway to Albuquerque for all the new plutonium pit workers, who can’t afford to live here!
Is this what we want for White Rock?
I say ‘No, thank you!’ and would prefer our little suburb to be known as the “Gateway to Bandelier” instead.