Letter To The Editor: How Ironic …

Los Alamos
How ironic that the Los Alamos GOP chairman should write, “No matter what political party a citizen chooses to associate with, it should be their first and most precious duty to protect the republic.” (link)

We have a GOP president that likely has many undisclosed conflicts of interest regarding his domestic and international business relationships. He has assaulted the first amendment by threatening and excluding the media. The media is diverse and every president has adversaries; that is by design. He has assaulted the first amendment by discriminating based on religious beliefs. He has supported waterboarding, which is illegal. He has criticized and threatened the judiciary in unprecedented terms both as a candidate and as the president. He has made unsubstantiated claims of massive voter fraud, which could undermine trust in our electoral system.

There really is no end to the number of ways in which our current president undermines our republic. All presidents have pushed the limits of the powers of the office at times, but we are in uncharted waters. It is time to put the republic first. Republicans in Congress are very willing to look the other way from these threats to our republic in order to achieve their policy goals. Will they pay at the ballot box? Will voters heed this advice from the Los Alamos GOP chairman?