Letter to the Editor: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Los Alamos

By Joel M. Williams
Los Alamos

What’s the chance that the “Branding of Los Alamos” will be some version of “Virginia is for Lovers”?

I like “How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Los Alamos.”

We could use a Los Alamos/Rio Grande landscape in the background with one of our local councilors (updated every year to give max visibility to the elected) astride.

“Get to know” Los Alamos, where discoveries are made!” is touted by BuffaloTours LA. The latter portion (in bold) is already splashed around on the web (on tourist sites like travelguidenewmexico.com) and on the sandstone structure into town.

I would have thought that this was to give LA a “handle” (brand!) There is NO reference to radioactivity, uranium, plutonium or bombs in this “handle,” if that is indeed a concern, as some have indicated.

So, what is the council looking for now at the cost of another $50,000?


A few words about the column published in the Los Alamos Daily PostRebranding Los Alamos … Krogerville? … Especially a mall without a bike shop.”

Typically, retailers move in where there is a perceived economic base for their product and STAY when that base continues or grows.

There have been bike/sports shops in Los Alamos in the past – three when I arrived in 1972! The biking community has not supported them sufficiently well or one might still be around WITHOUT the added rental fee in a mall.

When Smiths moves across Trinity, there will be lots of retail square footage left behind. Good opportunity for the County to set up a teen center/ice rink rather than build even another building that will require staffing and maintenance – it would provide a bit of needed County facility consolidation.

Teens are a good source of retail sales, and better proximity to downtown stores would get them into the mode more easily. Of course, it is Kroger, and not County property.

Maybe the County or Lab has other plans for this space since it is sooo close to the gigantic Muni Building. Considering the level of vacancies throughout the County even now, however, retailers are not likely to be rushing in to fill the void.

We’re more likely to see more downtown vacancies as Smiths moves to the Trinity suburb.

Linus is whistling Dixie in a barren retail-pumpkin-patch called Los Alamos. We should all be grateful for the retail pumpkins (the positive urban slang definition, folks) that are still on the vine!!!



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