Letter To The Editor: Horse Stable Flap … Far Too Often Newcomers Feel Need To Change Us

A 60-year Los Alamos resident

Once again, the battle of the stables emerges to the forefront of the news. Why does this remind me of the individual who finds a good deal on a piece of property that happens to be located next to an airport. Only after moving onto the property do they discover that there is a plethora of airplanes flying over the house, whereupon they attempt to have the airport closed because of the noise.

A lack of planning on one person’s part does not constitute an emergency for everyone else! It would seem that Ms. Chertkov also failed to do her homework prior to acquiring her property. The horses were here with the original boys school back in the 1930’s, long before you arrived here!

Los Alamos is and has always been a nice, quiet little western town, with our western values and customs. Yes, we have horses, and guns, and open mountain ranges as well as all the wild critters with whom we share this land. We like it like that and that is why we live here. It is not a perfect town by any stretch of the imagination but it is a darn sight better than having to live in some big stinking city.

Far to often, we get newcomers here who feel the need to try and change us to fit what ever life style they have left behind. I can only ask, if that life style was so great, why did you leave it? This is the West, lady, our West and horses are a big part of it. If you find our community so objectionable because of this, may I respectfully point out that the road that led you here goes both in AND out!