Letter To The Editor: High School Traditions Of Days Past

Los Alamos

Walking perimeter trail this past weekend, I noticed that the graduation years on LA mountain are bold and strong, seen easily from the trail, however the LA itself made of the rocks up there is long since faded and gone.
I had the opportunity to work with some high schoolers last year, who told me that they were no longer allowed to go up and paint LA mountain during homecoming week, due to concerns by administrators at the high school that it was getting too rowdy.

Really? In speaking with some other friends who grew up here and graduated before my time, we were reminiscing about how much fun going up to paint the LA was each year, because EVERYONE regardless of who you were, what group you hung out with, what your interests were, would go up and paint the LA every week to kick off homecoming.
When they graduated, Metzgers was even supplying the paint (old half used cans and colors that weren’t quite mixed right). I still remember how much fun it was to hike up that mountain, inevitably throw paint on everyone, fix the LA, and hike back down to do whatever we wanted for the rest of the day.

Harmless traditions like that (and apparently camping on the high school lawn during homecoming, too, which was stopped before I graduated) are the things that stick in my head my last year of high school, and in some respects brought the entire senior class together, something that can be extremely helpful to students as they are making the transition to the next thing in life together.
Why not bring this back? I for one would love to see the LA repainted and restored (in the most fun way possible in my opinion)!