Letter To The Editor: High Compliments To County Leadership Re: Decision To Purchase CB Fox And Reel Deal Buildings

Los Alamos


It may seem presumptuous for a single citizen … but I’m doing it anyway … to offer high compliments to County leadership for the decision to purchase the CB Fox and Reel Deal buildings for the purpose of using lawful tools that assure development of a renewed central core that can be counted on to be built in a manner that serves the folks who live here, and who want to be able to buy locally, as well as to serve those who visit this wonderful place for business, be it LANL-oriented or for private business purposes, or recreation and exploration.

When I arrived in Los Alamos 41 years ago as the new owner of what became CB Fox there was an abundance of evidence throughout Los Alamos and White Rock commercial areas, that the lack of a comprehensive strategic commercial plan was the reason for a then-so-obvious haphazard, decentralized sprawl.

However, what I did not at first recognize, but soon did, was that change was in the wind largely due to the leadership for change led largely by the Waterman family and Bill Enloe and the Los Alamos National Bank Board of Directors.

In short order, once this formative group had gained the respect of a series of County Councils, strategy began the journey to becoming the shaping principal for community development.

Now, thanks to this Council’s new decision, bolstered by its own outreach for community input, strategy has rightly found its place as the reason to look forward to our dynamic community’s “re-enhanced” future.

With great respect for the work of all, including certainly Harry Burgess and the County’s dedicated staff.