Letter to the Editor: Herbicide Complaints

Los Alamos

All those criticizing County Works for their use of herbicides and suggesting that we simply use hot water or Dawn dish soap to rid our county of unwanted weeds – you sound like whackjobs and should seriously consider moving into an uninhabited area or commune with others that share your same thought process.

Your old folk remedies, while funny to read, either don’t work or require more work than you mention or is economically possible. An example: pouring boiling water on weeds also requires manually cutting off the top growth of the plant before you dowse it with the boiling water. I don’t see County Works sending out work crews to cut off the tops of every weed they come across before pouring boiling water on them, only to realize those plants are likely to re-sprout 2-3 more times. By the time that process is finished it’ll be fall and the weeds will be gone. And I’m sure if simply spraying weeds with boiling water killed them this would be a more commonly seen commercial practice.

If you don’t want to use these herbicides on your own lawn/garden so be it. But when it comes to County property let the professionals do their job the way most sensible and economical way they know how. If your main intent of writing these letters is to simply complain or show that you’re “a friend to the environment” move to Santa Fe or California where herbicides aren’t used.


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