Letter To The Editor: Heartfelt Thanks To All At Sombrillo

Los Alamos


By way of introduction, I’m the gray-haired lady who cruises Central and Trinity in her electric wheelchair. Living at Aspen Ridge, I pass our companion facility, Sombrillo Nursing & Rehab, on my way, always glad my health is such that I don’t need to be there.

But then a little over a month ago I had a serious fall which resulted in major surgery and several weeks of recovery & rehab at (guess where!) Sombrillo Nursing & Rehab. And (guess what!) I found myself most pleasantly surprised. At a time of personal helplessness, I was surrounded by a competent, concerned and congenial staff who helped me regain strength and confidence as I got my act back together.

The nurses and care assistants were always caring and helpful, patiently putting up with me when I was definitely not at my best. The food was tasty and the food service folk accommodating and cheerful. I’m going to miss the yummy raisin bread French toast. And the therapists were absolutely super, continually pushing me on to regain control of my body and my life.

I’m very happy to be back home at Aspen Ridge now, getting stronger day by day (Wonder Woman look out!) and ever grateful for my Sombrillo sojourn. While I was there, they were beginning a major renovation  project which will result in many changes which I can’t wait to get back and see. But I’ll be returning for other reasons as well – to visit new friends and to say hi to all the people who cared for me so kindly during my stay.

If this sounds a bit gushy, well, that’s just how I feel, and I’d like the whole wide world to know.


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