Letter To The Editor: Great Local Businesses

Los Alamos
Our family calls CB FOX C&B’s. They don’t care what you call them as long as you shop there.
I rented a vacation apartment in Albuquerque for five years. I spent $5,000 on furniture from CB FOX. It was delivered in two trips at a charge of $150 for each trip. I bought a recliner in Albuquerque. They wanted $75 to deliver it to the apartment. My husband put it in his truck.
I sold the furniture on consignment when I gave up the apartment. Gary wanted to know what I had paid for the bedroom furniture. I showed him the bill of sale. He said you really got a good deal. Brownie of Brown’s Carpets use to run an ad that said, “If you like the prices in Albuquerque we’ll raise ours.” Everything sold in a month.
I bought a dress for my son Shaun’s wedding off the sale rack for $35. The only thing wrong with it was that the string belt had a tassel missing. I just took the belt off. It is made of wrinkle proof material and is the most comfortable and prettiest dress I have ever owned. I have had it shortened and will wear it to the wedding of which ever grandchild gets married first.
I was looking for an electric can opener at Metzgers. I couldn’t find one. One of the clerks asked if I wanted a tall one. I didn’t even know they made tall ones. I love it.
I bought a clock at Metzgers in White Rock. I couldn’t put the batteries in so I walked back to the store and someone put them in for me. I hadn’t even gotten an extended warranty.
I was behind some woman in line at Smith’s in White Rock. A coupon was printed out with her receipt. It was for $30 off of a shopping trip at Smith’s but it was only good at Smith’s Marketplace. I doubt that Smith’s Marketplace prints coupons that can only be used at Smith’s in White Rock