Letter to the Editor: Governor Vetoes Our Boys’ State Bill

Los Alamos
The governor once again pocket vetoed our Boys’ State / Girls’ State bill that would have given the opportunity to high school juniors who participated in the programs.
This would have allowed a one semester of credit in an elective course along with three already existing courses, i.e., Financial Literacy, Media Literacy and Pre-Apprentice Programs.

Somewhere along the line the governor has developed a dislike for the programs. The pocket veto does not have to carry a reason why she vetoed the bill so when she is on the campaign trail, she needs to be made accountable.
Get this message out to every Legion Post in the state as well as the other veterans organizations.

Surely the governor and the Public Education Department don’t believe that parceling out civics education in itty bitty pieces over 13 years is all the students need. She cannot quarrel  with our course content in that universities give credit for Boys’ State and Girls’ State.

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